Dating violence case study pcsj1974 dating website


Using a gender-based approach, a cross sectional study was conducted among a sample of 200 secondary school students in Fez city.

“It could be that it’s still socially acceptable for girls to hit or slap boys in dating relationships.

Young women also perpetuate it because violence against men is seemingly seen as being OK.

COALITION OF LEADING 250 SEXUAL ASSAULT, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE GROUPS CONDEMN ANTI-TRANSGENDER LEGISLATION, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, April 21, 2016.

The majority of students were high schoolers (69%), and more than half of participants were from low-income families and lived with both parents.

Daters represented 80.5% of the sample and they were in a relationship for more than a year.

Dating is a disdained practice in Muslim and Arab countries as it endangers concepts of morality and social order.

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